Gabriel emigrated from Venezuela to Dublin 6 years ago. After going through several jobs and gradually establishing himself in the city and the country, he decided to start his entrepreneurial journey, acquiring a small bicycle shop/workshop located in the financial district. Now that the business was beginning to grow, he was facing new challenges, so, recommended by another of our loyal clients in the city, he turned to us to carry out all the work on his new branding design, which would establish the basis for the future.

Gabriel is passionate about sports. With his new identity he wanted to achieve a more professional image but at the same time, he did not want to lose their youthful and carefree essence that characterizes both him and the team. Based on that, and other aspects that we managed to get out of your business, we began to work.

Shaman Bikes
Sport, Retail
Naming, Branding design and comunication


Gabriel wanted to emphasize the close, honest and careful treatment that they give to the client. We thought that we should create a superior figure, who had superpowers to take care of our customer’s bicycles. This is how we created the name “Shaman Bikes” and the claim “We take care of your bike”


Since our client wanted to create a sports equipment brand from the store, we thought that we would need an isotype that would work well in all media. The Shaman Bikes Isotype is formed from 3 concepts: the first is the “Winged Medicine Wheel”, a symbol of shamanism that cares for and protects us. On the other hand, the eye symbolizes the previous diagnosis to propose an honest solution to the client. Finally, the letter “S” gives us the unique identity.


The uniform of the cycling team, sales merchandising such as t-shirts and finally, the interior design of the store were developed.