Fray and Loly turned to us for the development of the corporate identity of their first business in Dublin, a vegan restaurant in which they put all their knowledge and enthusiasm. They embarked on this project with a clear objective: to break the stigma that vegan food is just salads, fruits and healthy juices. On the other hand, there was another identifying element: the delivery. So, with all this, we set to work with these clear concepts:

TAKE A VEG is variety and power in flavors, textures and aromas.

TAKE A VEG is something new and fresh, but with a certain retro touch. Street food, but quality, to enjoy calmly and in company.

TAKE A VEG is on the move to reach the hearts of the people.

TAKE A VEG is this and much more.

Take A Veg
Branding design and communication

“Welcome, here we cook with love to feed your soul. Enjoy!”


Once the concept was clear, it was dressed with the different graphic elements that make up the visual language of the brand. For the logo, a palo alto typeface was chosen to give it that retro touch. The letter “A” has a leading role as it appears slightly displaced upwards and with some subtle touches at the base to simulate the movement that would represent a fast and quality delivery. In turn, this letter “A”, when it appears individually, will form the identifying anagram of the brand, providing the whole with dynamism.

To complete the identity of the brand, a typography with clean features was used for the claim, which is used, in turn, for the different applications of the brand. On the other hand, the orange color provides values ​​that we wanted to represent, such as creativity and energy, and in contrast, a light beige and black as a base to give a certain retro air, but fresh and renewed.


The communication had to transmit that fresh and different touch. For the design of the packaging in which the hamburger is wrapped, we chose to convey the concept of an alphabet soup in which you must play to find the message. In the poster, the design enhanced the concept of delivery with a powerful image capable of capturing the public’s attention.

“Ignacio helped us reinvent our identity as a brand, coming from having changed our logo twice for not having a clarity of what we wanted. It was he who guided us along the way to establish consistency in our Corporate Identity.”