diseño de identidad
Identity and web design

Dr. Enrique Fuentemilla has extensive experience, despite his youth. His passion for his specialty, ophthalmology, led him to acquire the transfer of a Doctor who was retiring in Zaragoza.

After a year of transition, Enrique came to us with a problem: he wanted to create an Identity design that would show his youth and closeness, values ​​that differentiate him from the rest of the sector, but, at the same time, he had to take care of his patients, a fundamentally adult and older audience, and, for this, maintaining appropriate seriousness and professionalism would be key. We highlight a detail of the conversations, as a graphic example Enrique wears a tie to convey greater professionalism, but, at the same time, he has a young and current image.

Under these two aspects, we worked for several months to find the perfect balance. After a time in operation, the result we know has worked very well, here you can see it.


To convey that perfect balance between seriousness vs modernity, we began to work on the identity from the typography.

To do this, we decided to incorporate a contrast between two fonts, one with serif, Recoleta Alt, which despite being serif has modern serifs, and another sans-serif, Roobert.

This, we will see how it will bring a lot of play.


For the choice of the color palette we follow the same criteria of the Identity axis, and we base ourselves on the concept of sight.

Eigengrau is the color that we perceive when our eyes are closed, it is a desaturated black, which gave us that seriousness and elegance, with a differential touch.

diseño de identidad
Concept design

To complete the design of the Identity, we based ourselves on three key concepts to build the anagram: the «F» gave us the unique personality, the figure of an eye the vision, a concept with double meaning, the one linked to the profession, but also that of the business vision, and, finally, the door represented the hospitality that Enrique offers his patients. 

To complete the image and give it a compact and unique image, we decided to place the name following the shape of that door, which, as we will see later, will be a key element in the Identity to represent that focus and vision of the human eye.


To develop the different communicative applications of the brand, a grid based on the shape of the anagram has been used, which represents the visual approach at all times.

diseño de identidad
Web design

For web design we follow the same patterns set by Identity. It was essential that the website be understood and connected with all age groups, so we decided to opt for the primary colors of the palette.

On the other hand, the premise was to clearly explain what services are offered and convey that closeness that Enrique transmits to his patients, through a presentation of the team.

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