estudio de diseño gráfico
Identity design

For the development of the branding of Uh Mami!, we have focused on hedonism linked to flavors and the purest act of eating.

The palate is in the brain. On the other hand, neurons archive tastes, smells and colors that make our mouths water: scientific findings are a gift for chefs to experiment with new sensations.

The act of smacking after a meal tells us that we liked it, that we have unique, different sensations. And that is something fundamental in this brand: everything is made by hand, with care and affection, so that it has a unique flavor. What does it taste like?.

Tastes like Uh Mami!

Visual identity

For the creation of the logo, a manual typography has been chosen with an artistic style that symbolizes the value of what is done by hand.

It has been completed with different touches such as the nod to the tongue and other elements that give the whole a greater harmony. At the same time, a symbol has been developed that identifies the unique and different flavor of everything made within Uh Mami. This, relates what you are eating as something 100% vegetable and very healthy.

To complete the identity of the brand, a typography with simple and human features has been chosen. A range of energetic colors enhances the sensation produced by the taste and contrasts with natural materials such as wood or cardboard.

branding Uh Mami!
estudio de diseño gráfico
Communication and interior design

A complete work of graphic design and communication of the restaurant was carried out. This one had to follow the artisan, hooligan and different line that impregnated the spirit of Uh Mami!. To do this, they played with the manual brush strokes. In this spirit, corporate cards, menus and packaging are designed.

In addition, Grupo Gen Arquitectura and Estudio Amares received support for the application of branding in the interior design of the premises and the design of the graphics for the walls of the bathrooms was carried out.

branding Uh Mami!
branding Uh Mami!
branding Uh Mami!
imagen corporativa Uh Mami!
identidad Uh Mami!

«What has shocked us the most since we opened the restaurant is that they have asked us a lot about who had made our brand (so much so that other businesses in the sector asked us for the contact of Estudio Iber).

We believe that this is due to the fact that the most difficult thing in someone who designs a brand or identity for you is that they reflect in it, exactly, everything that you want to represent, and communicate in a single image as many things that you want to say, just as you want to say them.

Many people think that making a «simple» logo is a simple thing and that it doesn’t matter, but when you want your brand to represent you, it is a crucial point in your strategy and working with people like Ignacio is a differentiating factor that has made us to be a different and striking business in our sector.”

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